SPITFIRE MK IX fuse and accessories  

83 inch - 2.10 meter span


American and Canadian people please visit Vic's site http://www.vicrc.com







  Fiberglass fuse   Epoxy glass fuse  
275 euro
  Accessory   Oil Coolers, Chin Scoop, Guns & blisters  
50 euro
  Static blade and spinner   Epoxy glass 4 blade (Static display only)  
50 euro
  Canopy Frame   Clear canopy and canopy frame  
70 euro
  Retracts + door mounts   Produced by Shindin Machine  
260 euro
  Scissors   Produced by Shindin Machine  
40 euro
  Tailwheel   Produced by Shindin Machine  
75 euro
  Retractable tailwheel   Produced by Shindin Machine  
85 euro
  Cockpit 1/5   Produced by Chad Veich  
  Laser cut wing kit   Parts that are needed to cut, does not include  
      stock wood parts or sheeting, available from  
      Unitracts - Enquires@unitracts.co.uk  
  Plans Spitfire - Brian Taylor   3 sheet plans - Available from Brian Taylor and Unitracts - Enquires@unitracts.co.uk  
  Scale tires   Produced by Len Gardiner  
35 euro
  Scale wheel parts   Produced by David Tilbury  
25 euro
If you want to order you can do that by sending me a mail to info@t-birds.be

Fiberglass fuse, made by Vic Catalasan
Static blade and spinner
Canopy frame

Finished scale blades and spinner

Made by Ray McDougall from Canada...very nice Ray.