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Stian is building a beautiful Spitfire, keep up the good work Stian.


A new link from a nice guy Jim Young that sells small electric scale planes.


A new link I received by mail from Ian, this is a very interesting site about warbirdrestoration.

  26/05/2005 Added in the product and linkpage the Monfortonpress plans, the best scale Spitfire drawings I know.  
  11/05/2005 Removed the guestbook and the forum, because I lost all the information because of a hack.  
  29/01/2004 Updated the link page.  
  20/01/2004 Updated my wing construction page.  
  03/01/2004 Added a link to the site of Hans Meij.  
  26/12/2003 The products for the Spitfire can be ordered from now on.  
  08/11/2003 Here is my new engine for the Spitfire the 3w50i.  
  07/11/2003 Chad did send me some pictures of his instrument panel KIT.  
  26/10/2003 Jose send me some very nice pictures of his MKVII.  
  13/10/2003 New in flight pictures of Sean's Spitfire.  
  06/10/2003 Today I added a Guestbook, feel free to sign it. ;o)  
  06/10/2003 New pictures from photographers - Bruno Pires - Jose M. Carballo and Luis Rosa, thanks for the very nice pictures!!!  
  05/10/2003 Received some pictures from Sean's spitfire. (strictly scale)  
  12/09/2003 I added a small forum to the website.  
  06/09/2003 I updated the wing page in the My Spitfire menu...worked hard on it.  
  05/09/2003 A new page and link as you can see, the first page is to Chad Veich Spitfire scale cockpit...a must have item.  
  26/08/2003 Pictures of my Spitfire fuse..  
  12/08/2003 Added some pictures of my son and wife.  
  11/08/2003 Received some beautiful pictures from Ryan's Spitfire.  
  06/08/2003 Received some beautiful pictures from Sean's Spitfire.  
  31/07/2003 Added a link http://www.zoltar.nl/cnc this is a milling machine great stuff.  
  31/07/2003 As you can see in your address balk there is a new name for the site http://www.t-birds.be and off course a logo. ;o)  
  28/07/2003 Jose Gutierrez send me a beautiful in flight picture, see it on his page..  
  27/07/2003 Made some changes on the About me link and added some pictures of my son, wife, dog and me.  
  27/07/2003 Created a update page so it is easy to find my newest pages and updates.  
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